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Noble Environmental Technologies is the inventor and manufacturer of ECOR, an advanced sustainable building and design material that is 100% recycled and recyclable and has the highest value conversion waste-to-resource use. As a Cradle to Cradle and USDA Biobased Certified product, ECOR has been recognized by the market as one of the top new green building materials, as well as for its industry changing potential as an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional wood, particleboard, fiberboard, cardboard, medium-density fibreboard and less desirable products including aluminum, plastic and synthetic composites.


ECOR is successfully replacing traditional wood-based materials in many applications, including architecture, interior design, signage, packaging, furniture and fixtures.

An Advanced

Providing industry with high performance sustainable materials that enable designers and engineers to push the envelope, has long been a key mission for the team at NOBLE. ECOR offers engineered materials that are lighter, tougher, more durable and reliable – designed to withstand the rigors of ever-increasing conditions and superior geometries.

Authentic & Clean

As a truly recycled and recyclable material, ECOR is Cradle-to-Cradle Certified, 100% Biobased, Free of Toxins & VOC’s and uniquely enables enterprises to accelerate a transition to the circular economy. It is made from post-consumer cardboard and paper, textile & agricultural waste, and near limitless types ofcellulose fiber – many which are not currently recycled.

The Transormational Closed-Loop

There is a trillion dollar opportunity globally in net material cost savings for companies making the transition to circular economy. ECOR enables these enterprises to design for re-use, promote greater circularity, and to convert their cellulose fiber waste streams into the materials they use – uniquely unlocking the commercial opportunity of a circular economy.



ECOR is currently in use by major brands, retailers & organizations. Early adopters included Google, Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, Whole Foods, Starbucks, 20th Century Fox, Gensler, TOMS, Vanity Fair Corporation, Kohler, Motorola and others. ECOR was selected by these leaders for its unique design characteristics, astounding performance & environmental value.


These industry leaders recognize the enhanced performance and disruptive nature, as well as the unique design elements not possible or economic with other materials. Each partnership represents limitless potential for product developments, designs and applications, while providing measurable sustainability wins for our partners and their customers.

In Fixtures / Interior Design
Lucky Buddah Beer
In Fixtures / Point of Purchase Displays
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
In Cabinetry / Displays / Fixtures / Furniture
In Fixtures / Furniture / Interior Design
20th Century Fox
In Architecture / Fixtures / Furniture / Interior Design
Whole Foods Markets
In Fixtures / Interior Design
In Interior Design
Sustainable Living Innovations
In Cabinetry / Fixtures / Furniture

Architecture, Construction & Interior Design

Combining inspirational finishes with superior performance and functionality, ECOR architectural panel products have become the reference point for design flexibility, performance, system integration, and ease of installation. ECOR panels are being used by leading architecture firms and manufacturers and of award-winning, sustainable building materials for the Architecture + Design industry. Both the simple and structural ECOR panels are available for purchase, alongside our our Alchemy product line of metallic painted panels.

Cabinetry, Furniture & Fixtures

ECOR stress-skin panels provide the best solution for environmental sustainability and air quality in a cabinet interior, furniture or fixture. These panels incorporate aerospace design and engineering principles, resulting in panels that can be several times stronger and much lighter than alternative materials - including plywood and plasterboard. As a material that is free of toxins and VOC's, it exceeds all air quality and emission standards set for the cabinetry industry. ECOR pairs beautifully with any surface or veneer, and will result in a great looking product that is durable, easy to maintain, and healthy for you and your environment.

Consumer Products

The superior characteristics and material properties of ECOR make it ideal for consumer products as an alternative to wood-based materials, plastics and metals. The use of ECOR as a foundational material by manufacturers in their products uniquely drives circular innovation in product design and contribution towards zero-waste products.

Displays, Exhibits, Packaging & Signs

ECOR is the only graphic display board that is authentic in its sustainability profile and uniquely divert tons of waste from land fills. It offers exceptional rigidity, surface quality, structure and durability, making it the board of choice for printing and shaping, by the artists, designers, sign painters, exhibit builders and engineers.If your project requires a rugged and durable board that resists dents and punctures, you’ll want ECOR and nothing else.

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Our management team is lead by a collective of experienced executives that have led major organizations have a deep understanding of how critical sustainable solutions and materials are, both today and in the future.

CEO, Europe

Rene Hausler

Mr. Häusler spent 35 years working in management positions for IKEA. These positions included Chief Executive Officer IKEA Sweden, Chief Executive Officer IKEA Switzerland and Austria, and President and Chief Executive Officer IKEA USA West. Most recently, Mr. Hausler was the franchise owner of IKEA San Diego, a store with 300 employees, which he built to over $100 million in revenue, which became one of the most profitable IKEA stores in the United States. Mr. Hausler also serves on the Board of Directors of Noble Environmental Technologies.

Director, Global Finance & Business

Jay S. Potter

Jay Potter has been a director of the Company since 2010. He is responsible for Company funding and high level U.S. and international business and strategic partnering development. Over the past 10 years Mr. Potter has successfully participated, directed or placed over $60,000,000 of capital dedicated to clean technology, renewable energy start-ups and early stage companies. He was the founder, president and chairman of Greencore Capital Corporation, an environmental and finance consulting firm. He was the founder, chairman and CEO of Nexcore Capital Corporation, a FINRA registered broker dealer firm, from 1995 to 2009.

CEO, Benelux

Eric Logtens

In 1992 ben ik afgestudeerd als oefentherapeut Cesar.Destijds niet direct begonnen als therapeut maar gewerkt aan de opleiding oefentherapie Cesar in de functie als Stafmedewerker. Hier heb ik veel ervaring opgedaan met onderwijsontwikkeling, onderzoek voor –destijds- het ministerie van WVC, les geven, vakinhoudelijke kwaliteitsverbeteringen marketing en communicatie omtrent positionering van zowel de beroepsgroep als de opleiding zelf.

CEO, Turkey

Meltem Kurtsan

She has worked in different management levels of Kurtsan Holding since 1982. She held the position of President of Board at Kurtsan Group between 2004 – 2013. She was nominated as Global Leader for Tomorrow by World Economic Forum in 1999 in Davos. She became Trademark and Patent Attorney at Turkish Patent Institute in 2001.

She continues her work as the General Manager at MK Consulting, which was founded by her in 2002 and organises seminars and workshops about Intellectual Property Rights, EU funding and specialises in more technical seminars especially on Regulatory Affairs and other pharmaceutical related topics.



We’ve been honored to work with many local and global brands to help them develop superior and sustainable solutions through the integration of ECOR into their supply chain.


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